Automated Text Messaging Service


TXTconnexions service automatically reminds patients about their appointments


Text messaging is far more effective and less costly than traditional methods of communicating with patients as the reminder process is automated. Many dental practices simply don't have the time to remind patients. Implementing TXTconnexions' service will save you thousands by eliminating many needless FTAs.


The service also works to normal home telephones. The phone rings as normal and the text-message is read out to the patient. This allows you to send automated reminders to all patients, not just those for whom you have a mobile number for.


The delivery of each message is tracked and a report of out-of-service numbers is sent to you each day. We even inform you if the phone is off and the message has not been read!



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Huge Savings on Patient Communication Costs


Reminding patients of appointments by telephone or by post is tedious work for your staff.


It is extremely time-consuming and costly, as you must pay for one or more of the following:


  • Phone calls

  • Stamps

  • Stationery

  • Administrators’ time




Most Effective Communications Method


Contacting customers by text has many advantages over other methods of communication:


TXTconnexions Reminder / Recall:
Telephone Reminder / Recall
Mail Reminder / Recall

Low cost


Expensive (staff time and calls to mobiles)


Very expensive (staff time, stationary, toner and postage)


Is discreet


Is intrusive


Not environmentally friendly


Is usually read immediately


May go unanswered, or message may not be given to the intended recipient


May not arrive or be opened


Remains on the phone as a written reminder


Is easily forgotten


Easily discarded with bills and junk mail


Delivery tracking confirms delivery status


Message may not be passed on to the intended recipient


Patient may not receive the letter due to unreliable delivery or due to moving home


Instant delivery


Daytime phone calls are likely to go directly to the answer-machine


Very slow to arrive




Significant Increase in Productivity through Reduced FTAs


Whenever a patient fails to show up for his or her appointment, you lose money or waste time. It is estimated that every FTA results in an average cost in terms of lost productivity of £50. TXTconnexions reminder service helps reduce FTAs in two important ways:


  • It reminds the patient to actually attend their appointment. Each text message is stored on the patients’ mobile phone and thus acts as a constant reminder to them to attend.

  • It prompts those unable to attend to contact your practice to cancel or rearrange. This gives you an opportunity to accommodate another patient who might otherwise have had to wait until another day. Therefore, waiting lists are reduced.



At an average cost of £50 per FTA, a reduction of just one per day would result in productivity savings of £13,000pa.



Enhanced Customer Service & Corporate Image


  • With the vast majority of your patients owning a mobile phone, TXTconnexions text messaging service helps enhance both your customer service and your corporate image:

  • Your administrative staff will spend far less time phoning and mailing patients, giving them more time to “meet and greet” patients.

  • Text messages are less intrusive than a phone call. Professional business people do not want to be disturbed while in a meeting

  • You can send bespoke patient notification or marketing messages any time you choose i.e. you can let patients know about a new procedure or even just wish them a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas!

  • Your practice is seen to use leading-edge technology. Companies using the latest technology tend to leave a very positive impression. This is particularly important in the healthcare industry.

  • The “Sender Identification” on each message is branded with your hospital or surgery name, not an anonymous number. Examples include: “Dentist”, “Nice Smiles” or “BUPA”.



Easy Maintenance of Patient Contact Details


TXTconnexions tracks the delivery of every message that you send. We provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the delivery status of each message. The report typically includes the following information:


  • When the message was sent.

  • Whether the patient’s number is out-of-service.

  • Whether the patient has opened the message.

  • Each patient to whom a message has been sent that day.


Each message you send is recorded against the patient record in your database so that you know who has been contacted.

TXTconnexions routing offers the highest successful message delivery rates, and our message tracking allows you to maintain an up-to-date, fresh patient contact database.


Integration with Practice Management Software Solutions


TXTconnexions text messaging systems are fully integrated with the leading practice management software solutions


  • Full integration means no additional software needs to be installed at your practice.

  • You are in total control: You choose the message and when it is sent.

  • Messages are sent automatically and are recorded in the patient record.

  • We will set-up the service, including inserting your template messages. The procedure is quick and efficient.

  • Operating the service is very straightforward - hardly any training is involved.

  • Our system also works with legacy software