We’ve been running your service for just over a month now…the results have been amazing. …we will cut our FTAs by more than 50%, saving in excess of £20,000 for the year…the saving in staff time is another benefit I’ve seen straight away. Our dentists have only one complaint that they are now having to work harder as they don't have any FTAs! Also the nurses are constantly busy. Patients are impressed as their treatment/emergencies are being dealt with much quicker too, often on the same day.


CASE STUDY: Click here to read the full letter from Terina


Terina Worrall , Practice Manager,
G.S. Worrall & Associates,
Wincanton, Somerset



Thanks for all your help in signing on to this brilliant service. All the patients think it's great and it has reduced our no-shows to minimal amounts without any effort from us.


Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to setting up this fantastic service. We have had nothing but positive comments from our patients.

Jane Jones
Jones Dental Care,
Rugby, Warwickshire


Laura Marshall
Knebworth Dental Surgery,
Knebworth, Hertfordshire



As a busy, nine surgery predominantly NHS practice we have over the years learnt to manage our appointment and recall systems with some efficiency. In the past year the text reminder system has revolutionised these systems and has been much appreciated by both patients and staff. The implications of the new contact have made this service invaluable. TXTconnexions have been a pleasure to deal with, providing an excellent level of support and service.


We think this is a brilliant service. It saves us 2-3 hours per day, and DNAs are down 30-40% even though we used to call customers prior to installing it. Customers like to receive the messages, and it allows us to remind all our patients whereas before we could only get to the long appointments.

Ian Redfearn
Dentistry For All, Nelson, Lancashire


Chamila Ariyananda
Practice Manager
James Hull Dental Care, Epsom, Surrey



Our patients think it is great and they have given me very positive feedback. I've been talking to our other practices to encourage them to set up their messaging system. I just wish I had started on the system long ago!


Everything is working perfectly (touch wood!) – patients are very impressed, and so far we haven’t had one patient DNA who received a text message (long may this continue!!)

Ivete Hunt
Practice Manager
James Hull Dental Care, Clifton, Bristol



Katherine Blair
Practice Manager
Comber Dental Practice, Comber, Co. Down, Northern Ireland


We now offer text message reminders for all appointments.  TXTconnexions made the whole process child’s play.  We would thoroughly recommend TXTconnexions to any practice that wants to both reduce DNAs and the drudgery of paper reminders.


CASE STUDY: Click here to read the experience of Oak Lodge as displayed on the Hampshire County Council 'eHampshire' website


Christine Bolton 
Practice Manager 
Oak Lodge Dental Practice


TXTconnexions offer a really great service. The set up was so easy and everyone was so helpful. The patients think it's great - some think I sit here all day sending each text!! It has cut DNA's down almost completely. The patients have no excuse now not to turn up at the correct time.


I thought you would like to know we have had a great response from our patients who have received text messages. They have even brought in their phones to show me. This is such a brilliant service - I can't believe that even the bad attendees are turning up for their appointments

Elizabeth Clough
Frankel Dental Care, Ascot, Berkshire


Fay Funnell
Practice Manager
Peter JC Haynes and Associates, London



Just a few lines to let you all know how pleased we are with the service your company provides us.  We have very few problems, and when we have you are very quick to resolve them.  As a long standing customer, we appreciate all the hard work you have done for us and may it long continue


Thanks for all the help with the implementation of text messaging at the practices. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Linda Dobson 
Practice Manager 
Port Erin Dental
Port Erin, Isle of Man


Debbie Harris
Practice Development Manager
James Hull Associates




Failure to attends, otherwise known as FTA’s or DNA’s, are costly to any efficient practice, so when you’re with an organisation such as ADP (the fourth largest dental body in the UK) that operates over forty practices across the country, managing FTA’s becomes an important part of your business strategy. We followed all the traditional methods, including ringing patients the afternoon before their appointment, but this rarely made a difference to the FTA percentage and tied up the receptionist and the telephone line.

TXTconnexions services offered us the chance to substantially reduce our FTA rate, without having a huge IT expense, and at the same time increase our patient service-level. In the summer of 2004, we trialled the service in four practices. The results were astonishing. The FTA rate fell by nearly 50% almost immediately. The response from patients was just as dramatic; they really liked the service and for many they no longer felt that the FTA fee was used to top up to a dentist’s income.

What we didn’t measure was the number of patients that would receive the personalised message from TXTconnexions, and then contact the practice to rebook their appointment; previously these patients would almost certainly have failed.
Today, every one of our 40 practices has the service and we have the ability to send reminders and recalls to most of our patient base.
Overall, I would recommend this service to any practice owner looking to reduce their FTA’s, make their receptionists more efficient and at the same time improve the quality of service to their patients.


Andrew Mayze
Marketing Manager
Associated Dental Practices (ADP Dental Company Ltd.)