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The following instructions outline how to record a personalised 'greeting' for your landline text-messages.


The customer experience will be greatly improved as they will hear a friendly, non-automated voice at the start of all your landline text-messages. Your customers will instantly know who the call is from ensuring they listen to the entire message.


For a limited period, TXTconnexions is waiving all the setup charges associated with recording and personalising your landline messages.




Step 1: Record your ‘Greeting’


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The 'Greeting' is played at the start of the landline text-message to inform the recipient who the message is being sent from.


Your ‘Greeting’ must be short (5-7 seconds). Longer recordings are not effective, and may be rejected for transmission. The following is a sample of a typical greeting we would suggest you record:"Hello, this is Dr. Jones from Indiana Dental Care. You have a new message".


Please fill in the following form so we know which account to associate the recordings to. Then use the recording utility on the right to record, review and submit your ‘Greeting’.



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