G.S. Worrall & Associates 
Case Study Testimonial

Dear Nicholas,

I thought you would like to know the results of my analysis of TXTconnexions’ SMS service so far.  Although it is early days, as we’ve been running your service for just over a month now, the results have been amazing!

As Practice Manager and the wife of the Principal, I maintain tight control on the efficient running of the practice.  We know exactly how many hours and minutes are lost each month by FTAs. 

This month we lost only 8 hours compared to 17.5 last month.  A further analysis of the 8 hours we did lose, shows that 4.5 of those hours were accounted for by just 3 patients.  The first was on holiday, the second was for a child, and the last was for a patient that always messes us around.  All received reminders, but the person on holiday hadn’t brought her phone with and your report told us that she hadn’t read the message.  The parent of the child acknowledged getting the reminder, but hadn’t told the child.  They all agreed that they had been reminded and accepted our missed appointment charge. 

 I calculate that makes it 3.5 hours of true FTA time, down from 17.5.  Even counting the full 8 hours, we saved an amazing 9.5 hours (or £1,282.50).  On these numbers, we will cut our FTAs by more than 50% saving in excess of £20,000 for the year and this is before allowing for any increase in mobile number collection. 

Of course, the saving in staff time is another benefit I’ve seen straight away.  Our receptionists now have more time to chat to patients, and give them more time to put patients at ease and sell more sundries/market treatments, such as being able to promote tooth whitening etc etc.

Our dentists have only one complaint that they are now having to work harder as they dont have any FTAs!  Also the nurses are constantly busy. 

Patients are impressed as their treatment/emergencies are being dealt with much quicker too, often on the same day.

Last year, I carried out an audit and we had 500 (10%) of our 5,000 patients fail appointments of anything between 10 minutes and 1½ hours.  This totalled 315 hours overall.  As our chargeable rate is £135, I calculate the lost revenue was £42,525.  We said it amounted to 42 x 7.5 hour days - then if you allow 25 days for the dentist annual hols, this gives you the equivalent of having one dentist not working for a Quarter of one year!

Lots of positives for us and the patients.  I thought you might like this feedback.

Have a great Christmas and New Year,